Preparatory Caregiver Training Programme - Understanding Caregiving (E-Learning)

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Caregiving is a very demanding yet rewarding task. Being a caregiver requires stamina and good health. Preparatory Caregiver Training Programme (E-learning) provides the existing and potential caregivers a basic understanding of the meaning of caregiving, care issues they will face, and responsibilities involved in providing care for the loved ones. The training also provides the learners with knowledge, tips, information and resources to help them navigate the caregiving journey. 

There are a total of 4 e-modules:
1. Understanding Caregiving
2. Know the Care Recipient
3. Communication in Caregiving
4. Caregiver Stress and Management

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the "Understanding Caregiving" module, learners will be able to:
1. Define the terms "caregiver" and "caregiving".
2. Describe the different types of caregivers.
3. Discuss the aspects of caregiving.
4. Appreciate the importance of caregiving.