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The Empowering Seniors Project seeks to increase service user participation in the design and implementation of eldercare services. Its twinning vision aspires towards (a) seniors as valued partners and co-creators in service delivery and (b) an ecosystem that empowers seniors to live with dignity. Insights from NCSS Quality of Life Seniors study (2015) and changing profile of seniors highlighted the need for seniors who receive services in the community sector to be seen as active participants instead of passive recipients of services. This is to create more effective and sustainable services as service users are directly involved in decisions that matter to them. It is hoped that empowerment practices through increase participation of services users will improve seniors’ social and health outcomes in the long run. 

The Empowering Seniors e-learning module aims to enhance the awareness on the value of user-participation in eldercare services. The module explains the importance of empowerment in the delivery of social services and operationalising it through the Ladder of User Participation. Its interactive activities invite practitioners to reflect on their current practices and to imagine in increasing the involvement of their seniors who receive services to be active contributors in the service delivery. 

The Empowering Seniors Project is a journey since 2015. The National Council of Social Service (NCSS)  collaborated with 15 social service organisations and 3 collaborators (2015-2017) to champion purposeful engagements with seniors receiving services in the community sector. From 2018, NCSS formed an Empowering Seniors workgroup, comprising of eight organisations to drive the senior empowerment movement. The workgroup is co-chaired with Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).
Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Explain the Quality of Life (QoL) for Seniors and its impact to the delivery of social services

2. Translate the concept of senior empowerment using the Ladder of User Participation
Target Audience

Social workers, counsellors, case managers, centre managers, therapists and other social service professionals working with seniors or working in the eldercare sector.